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About Performance Wellness Centre in Windsor

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Performance Wellness Centre is a team of committed and caring admins & trainers who are striving to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle. We will work within our Code of Values to ensure that everyone we train will move closer to becoming the person they want to become and achieving the goals they want to achieve.

We specialize in life-changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs individualized to a person’s goals and needs. We do this by creating awareness, which gives people the freedom to choose a healthier life, one full of energy and joy. This is done one step at a time, giving the client a chance to adjust to the changes, both emotionally and physically.

Our clients will be motivated and ready to make a change in their lives towards better health, whatever that means for them. They will be positive, open-minded people who want to make a difference in this world by first growing themselves, and thus, touching their families and friends as a result. We are invested in our clients and strive to exceed expectations of what they want and need. We care about them as individuals and are thrilled to see transformation of a client’s body, belief systems, and ultimately, their lives!

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Performance Wellness Centre is a state of the art Gym in Windsor, Ontario. You’ll find all the modern equipment here, along with best trainers to guide you along the way. We are with you on this fitness journey. Let’s Crush it!

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What Our Clients Sayx

Performance Wellness Centre members are like a one big family. All of them working together to reach their individual health goals. Here’s what they say about us:

Dawne Martensx

Lots of room, great equipment, knowledgeable and friendly staff who make you feel welcome the minute you walk in.

Kaitlin McCarrellx

“Amazing club to be a part of. Very happy to be a part of it.”

Niki Stahlsx

“The same atmosphere and people from FL3X only with more.”

Doug Goyeaux

Beautifull facility! All kinds of space they will definitely be able to help you with any of your health and wellness needs!!

Frida Jamesx

“I was impressed with the owner being on spot coming out to greet His guests, felt just like it should, Home. was awesome meeting and reuniting with some new and old faces, im adjusting to lifting weights and these guys have everything from beginners to top of the line equipment for the pros. thank you Ali for the invite! Enjoyed my stay, excited to share with some of the people around me what you have available now and in the next coming months!”

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